There’s a New Zoo in Midtown Manhattan

09/17/2009 8:22 AM |

sheep sculptures by François-Xavier Lalanne

Claude Lalanne recently inaugurated the series of eight surreal sculptures created by her and her late husband François-Xavier Lalanne that were installed along Park Avenue (between 52nd and 57th Streets) on Sunday, and will remain on public view through November 20. Artinfo notes that the majority are in the form of animals (and a big golden apple), which brings a welcome touch of color and whimsy to a well manicured but mostly unremarkable median surrounded by totally rigid office buildings and somber corporate plazas — like François-Xavier Lalanne’s Mouton Transhumant (Brebis) (1998) and Beliers (1994), the flock of sheep put out to pasture near 56th street (pictured). Hopefully the sheep in the surrounding office buildings will appreciate the works.