Vain, Naked Man Runs Around Naked in Williamsburg, Films Himself

09/29/2009 11:56 AM |

No Thanks to FreeWilliamsburg for calling our attention to the following video of some naked guy ordering a taco from a taco truck. He calls himself the “world’s fastest nudist,” though he doesn’t seem all that fast in this video. And not only does he dangle, but he Tweets and Tumbles. He’s a little on the buff side for what I think of as a Williamsburg hipster, and he looks more like Josh Brolin than Devendra Banhart—I guess this would be the frat side of Billburg youth culture. Meh. Just another way to meet girls.

(Not safe for work I guess, I dunno, I DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU WORK.)

One Comment

  • that’s about as gross as the food from that taco truck. does bad food beget bad behavior? and when is that truck going to GO AWAY already?