Your Ghostbusters Guides to the City

09/24/2009 12:35 PM |

Rays Occult Books from Ghostbusters 2

In one of those weird moments of Internet telepathy (surely moved by the recent free stream on YouTube), we’ve recently come across two outlets’ tours of New York based on the locations that appeared in Ghostbusters. Scouting NY, in an epic two parter, juxtaposes shots from the movie and pictures of the corresponding locations in their current state.

Meanwhile, Ironic Sans took the Google Maps approach back in 2006, creating a helpful interactive map of the city with locations labeled differently based on their appearance in either the first or second Ghostbusters film. So, for instance, did you know that in GB2, Ray’s Occult Books (pictured) was at 33 St. Marks’ Place in the space now occupied by Rockit Scientist Records?

(Urlesque, Tropolism)