Chuck Klosterman Got Married, and Some Creepy Caterer Was There to Write About It

10/01/2009 2:53 PM |


I’m not particularly well-versed when it comes to journalism ethics, but if I was a writer who also had a part-time job as, say, a server at a catering hall, and I found myself working at a wedding between, say, Chuck Klosterman and Melissa Maerz, I would like to think I would refrain from treating that wedding as material for my next column on the grounds that, you know, that shit is messed up.

But when the two writers got married at the Nicollet Island Pavilion back on September 20th, a Minnesota Daily columnist named Ashley Dresser found herself in exactly that position, and now I know that Chuck Klosterman’s family was prepared to bus their own table, that Melissa Maerz wore a feather boa with her wedding dress, and that the couple left the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. I know all of this because she wrote a fucking column about it.

Now, granted, the Minnesota Daily is actually a student-run daily newspaper serving the University of Minnesota, so it’s not too big a deal, and the whole thing is actually really sweet. Also, I would have welcomed media coverage of my own wedding, of course, because I’m an ego-maniac. But still, this was totes inappropriate, right?

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