DMX Is Gonna Fight a Guy!

10/27/2009 5:02 PM |

DMX and Eric Martinez

Remember DMX? Remember how before he got nabbed for driving with a suspended license, owning unlicensed firearms and beating people up, he was the biggest rap star of the late 90s? Remember how he actually made some really awesome songs about how angry he was? Well, X is making another run at his former title, and he’s starting the climb back into the spotlight by shooting a music video going on tour appearing on a talk show publishing a children’s book fighting in a mixed martial arts match against actor Eric Martinez. Seriously.

And according to Hip Hop Wired, X is totally not stressing it at all. He likes watching mixed martial arts, but sees himself as more of a boxer, so won’t be doing any kicking or anything (we’ll see how that works our for him). He also proudly announced that he won’t be training for the fight: “I’m going to just walk in as it is. It wouldn’t be fair if I trained.”—I guess the instincts he developed shooting Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 the Grave are still fresh in his mind.