Gmail Has a Snake Game Feature You Might Not Want to Know About

10/22/2009 9:48 AM |

Gmail snake

Aw man, yesterday it was Tetris in your spreadsheets and today it’s classic arcade game Snake in your Gmail. That’s right, if you use Google’s email service but don’t obsessively check the various tabs and features hidden in the mysterious “Labs” section of the settings, you might not know that you could be playing a fun and addictive retro arcade game between emails—or, you know, giving up on doing any work altogether and only using your Gmail account to play games and chat.

Web designer Jenny K. Woo explains on her blog that the feature is pretty easy to enable (go to your Gmail settings, then to the “Labs” tab, then scroll down to Snake and enable!) and even easier to access (if you have keyboard shortcuts enabled, just hit “&” anytime you’re in Gmail). And now you’re only ever one keystroke away from Gmail’s Snake applet (pictured)—try to use it on a merit-based system: for every email sent you get one game of Snake. (NOTCOT)

One Comment

  • Update: Extensive testing at L Mag headquarters has shown that this Snake app doesn’t work with every browser: Safari yes, Firefox no. Anyone out there using it on Opera or Internet Explorer?