Google Set to Announce Music Search

10/28/2009 10:20 AM |


At a press conference scheduled for later today at the iconic Capitol Records building in L.A., Google will announce a new music component to its standard search function. The idea is that you’ll search for a band, say Them Crooked Vultures, and you’ll get news, a bio, images and other assorted information all in one place. Sounds a lot like a regular Google search doesn’t it? Yeah, well, just a few clicks later, you’ll be able to purchase music as well, without even having to open up iTunes! Instead, users will be directed to sites like Lala, iLike and a bunch of other sites you never, ever use.

Best case scenario, I feel like we could be looking at a really great artist directory, like a more usable All Music or something, which really wouldn’t be bad. But I have a hard time believing the retail aspect of this will live up to Google’s lofty expectations, considering how big a part of our lives iTunes has become. Who knows, though? I suppose I’ll wait and see what music they have on their commercials before I decide where my business will go.