Grizzly Bear Perform on Tonight Show, Announce Deluxe Edition of Veckatimest

10/13/2009 1:21 PM |

Grizzly Bear stopped by The Tonight Show last night, for a performance of Veckatimest favorite “Two Weeks,” with Beach House’s Victoria Legrand on backing vocals. Curious, I thought, that they’d play that song instead of another Legrand-assisted track, “Slow Life,” from the recently leaked New Moon soundtrack, which, by the way, just had its release date bumped from Tuesday, October 20th, to Friday, October 16th.

Turns out their choice of song probably had something to do with the newly announced “deluxe” version of Veckatimest. Out on November 2nd, the special edition will include a 24-age booklet of photos and a bonus disc of seven live recordings from around the world.

I assume I’m not alone in finding “deluxe” versions of anything a bit suspicious, like the kind of thing only people like Billy Corgan or Metallica would do. Why, if they think it’s fit for release, they wouldn’t just sell that bonus disc as a separate EP, I don’t know, though I cynically assume it has something to do with capitalizing on the sales bump they expect to see from being on the New Moon soundtrack. Someone tell me I’m wrong, please?

(via Stereogum)

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