iPhone Game of the Week Halloween Edition: Zombie Pizza

10/30/2009 5:41 PM |


Appropriately released earlier this month, Zombie Pizza is a pretty addicting budget puzzle game for the iPhone. You’re trapped in a pizza parlor with nothing but dough, a cookbook and for whatever reason a seemingly endless conveyor belt of brains, eyeballs, hearts and bones. In order to keep them from busting into your shop and eating you, you need to feed them pizzas until the sun comes up and you’re safe again. Makes sense, really.

There is some strategy involved here though. You can’t just drag whatever you want onto your pie and think the undead will be happy with it. These zombies are very particular. You get the most points if you’re able to use the same topping in all four spots. This is generally more difficult as you have to wait longer for say four brains to come onto the conveyor. So you have to balance gaining lots of points and keeping the zombies at bay. You get less points if you split the toppings into twos and no bonus if you use four different toppings on one pizza. The points help you gain job levels (from prep cook to fry cook, for example). The difficulty increases with the introduction of broccoli, glass jars that take time to break, cockroaches, multiple pizzas at once and special orders.

As fun and as easy as this game is, it’s definitely a 99-cent game. You’re not getting a deal on some deep game that you can put hours into, but this is the perfect game to load up if you have a handful of minutes to kill waiting for a friend or the subway to arrive. Not to sell the game short, there is a bit of replay value here as new objects are introduced and the difficulty is upped. For the price, I would definitely recommend giving it, um, a taste.

The game’s trailer is after the jump.