Jay-Z and Young Jeezy to Make Video For the Worst Song on The Blueprint 3

10/29/2009 11:51 AM |


If I had any say in the matter, the next single from the unfairly maligned Blueprint 3 album would be the Swizz Beatz-produced “On To the Next One” which features a ridiculously cool beat and many of the best rhymes on the whole record (“No I’m not a Jonas / Brother I’m a grown-up / No I’m not a virgin / I use my cojones.”)

Turns out I don’t, though, because it’s starting to look like he’s gonna release “Real As It Gets” featuring Young Jeezy, which is the one song I consistently skip. Like, to the point where I’m still not sure I’ve ever even heard it all the way through. Regardless, I guess I kinda want to see the video, which Jeezy is somewhat excited about.

“We just gonna go dumb,” Jeezy forecasted. “Call Rick [Ross] up, everybody. [We’ll have] cars, watches, blunts, money, just go dumb. Dumm-meeee! That’s what we need to do.”

Still, it doesn’t seem like it’s quite set in stone just yet, since when asked about it, Jay-Z was basically like, “What? Who? Oh, I don’t know, maybe.”

“We’re trying to do that now as well,” Jay said of the video. “Hopefully, we’ll shoot that. But it’s difficult. I don’t have too many gaps in my schedule. So I’ll try to figure it out.

So there you go. Maybe he’ll still change his mind. I’d even settle for the silly Drake-assisted “Off That” at this point.

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