Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge, Headed to New York Jail Next Year

10/22/2009 2:41 PM |

Sad Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to a gun possession charge from 2007 this morning in a Manhattan court, which will result in the superstar MC serving one year in an upstate New York jail when he returns for sentencing in February. The Post piece on the subject is predictably snarky, going to great lengths to point out how well-behaved Weezy was in the courtroom, like just because he’s 5’6” and occasionally raps like a 13 year-old he doesn’t know how to act normal.

Maybe this is why Wayne’s planning to release three records between now and the holidays. Speaking of which, what sounds like a track off the upcoming Young Money posse record, a revamped version of “Thinking to Myself” with Wayne rapping alongside Kidd Kidd, Mack Maine and Nicki Minaj, leaked recently, and it’s just as lopsided as you’d expect, much like the whole record will be, presumably.

I guess he’ll be doing a lot of thinking to himself next year—zing! (Sorry Weezy; be strong.)

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  • Is it bad that I’m really looking forward to hearing what Weezy records between now and his prison term? The tracks T.I. laid down leading up to his time in stir are some of the best, most focused work of his career…