Lil Wayne Releases New Songs, One for Each of his 10 Forthcoming Albums

10/19/2009 2:50 PM |

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Lil Wayne has big plans for Christmas, which include Tha Carter IV, his rock album Rebirth and the Young Money posse record, on which he’ll have to do most of the legwork, before all of which he’ll be guest-starring on half of Birdman’s new record. Well, over the weekend three tracks we’ve heard in various versions on mixtapes and a video game soundtrack came out in somewhat newly revamped versions, and the one that sounds like it could land on Rebirth, “Wayne’s World”, is by far the worst—thankfully, it’s not even two minutes long.

Meanwhile, what sounds like a new freestyle (although Wayne always sounds like he’s freestyling, so, who knows) over the beat from LL Cool J’s “Going to Back to Cali” is pretty outstanding. Here’s hoping that “Hey Baby (Jump Off)” ends up on Tha Carter IV in some form—and that the record actually comes out one day, even if it’s not December 14.

Weirdly, though, the best of the new (or newly released, at least) Weezy tracks is a song he apparently recorded for the Madden ’08 video game, which should be re-titled “Fourth and Inches” and made the lead single of whichever album ends up coming out first. The best line (and there are plenty of contenders here) has got to be: “Where is your chin strap/why isn’t it on?/’Cause if I hit you/you gon’ have to strap your chin on.” More Weezy please!