New iPhone App Offers Tours of Unbuilt New York

10/01/2009 11:08 AM |

Superstudio Manhattan

For each of the brilliant (or bland) buildings that make up New York City’s streetscape and skyline, there are about ten more proposed structures that either never saw the light of day or were never intended to be built in the first place, only dreamt up by theory-favoring architects (see Superstudio plan, at right). Now, per ArtsBeat, a new iPhone application developed by architectural historian Irene Cheng and her husband, architect Brett Snyder uses GPS positioning to show users what unrealized visions have been proposed for the exact spot in the city where they’re standing.

The application, Museum of the Phantom City (whose web version goes live Saturday, for those of us without iPhones), is just another awesome example of how innovative and creative smartphone applications can be, using cutting edge technology to enhance our experience of the city, give us a deeper understanding of its past and inform our decisions about its future. So next time you’re dreading a trip to Midtown, just remember that if Buckminster Fuller had had his way, the whole area would be under a glass dome. (Curbed)

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