New Vampire Weekend Single Available as Free Download Now

10/05/2009 2:45 PM |


So, this morning’s big countdown was, as I suspected, to the release of the first single from the forthcoming Vampire Weekend album, Contra. The song’s called “Horchata,” and after exactly one listen, I’m happy to report that everyone who already loved the band will continue doing so, and that everyone who hated them will also continue doing so, only now, instead of being all, “Ugh, I just hate how these privileged Ivy League kids so blatantly stole from the rich heritage of West African music,” they’ll be all, “Ugh, I just hate how these privileged Ivy League kids go around singing songs about traditional Latin American beverages!” It’s going to be exhausting.

Update: Everyone else is embedding the MP3, which I didn’t realize you could do because I am stupid.

One Comment

  • To be fair, I know the guys in this band, and they do hate black people. HATE them. Like, it’s all they talk about, “I hate black people — but, ironically, love stealing their music.” All the time, whenever we’re hanging out, talking about movies or the Mets or whatever. It’s tiresome. I don’t know why I’m still friends with them.