Sans Shark Tank, Damien Hirst Show is a Dud

10/14/2009 9:37 AM |

Damien Hirst Paintings

An exhibition of new paintings by British superstar artist Damien Hirst opens at London’s Wallace Collection today, but the verdict is already in: dude can’t paint. Hirst made a big deal of the fact that he was setting aside the assembly line studio system that produces his regular work and painting solo in his studio. You’d almost want the result to be more interesting than his luxury conceptual art, but according to this helpful BBC sampling of what the critics are saying that doesn’t appear to be the case. Rachel Campbell-Johnston in the London Times says it best:

The paintings are dreadful. Think Francis Bacon meets Adrian Mole. So why are these works now hanging in the Wallace Collection? What are they doing in the home of such masters as Rembrandt or Poussin, Titian or Fragonard?