Tap that Cask, Bro: Fun at the Chelsea Brewing Company

10/08/2009 9:37 AM |

Cask ale

For all of you drunks who are also “beer connoisseurs”: the Chelsea Brewing Company is holding its Cask Ale Festival this weekend, from Friday (John Lennon’s birthday) through Sunday (Luke Perry’s birthday). Forty casks of fine American beer will be tapped, infinite glasses will be poured and steady helpings of BBQ will be served. It’s basically going to be like a Fourth of July celebration—admission is free, following our great democratic traditions; beers are paid for as you drink them, in keeping with our inglorious capitalist traditions—but held in October so that you can enjoy a beer festival this month without having to surround yourself with German banners. (Go back to Yorkville, Krauts!)

Click here for directions.

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