The First Annual L Magazine Restaurant Awards

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10/28/2009 4:00 AM |

We are all foodies, now. The last decade has seen high-end food culture infiltrate every aspect of American life, with cameras in the kitchens of five-star restaurants, Michael Pollan writing kids’ books, and fancy truffles on mac ‘n’ cheese. This is not a bad thing. Food is who we are, culturally and biologically, and as the focus returns more and more to eating local, we realize how lucky we are to live in New York, where great restaurants pop up every week in every neighborhood. Here are forty of our favorites.

Best Lobster Rolls: Luke’s Lobster

Best French Fries: Pearl Oyster Bar

Best Chinese: Shang

Best Italian: Locanda Verde

Best Wine Bar: Terroir

Best Arepas: Caracas

Best Bar Snack: Char No. 4

Best Sandwiches: Defonte’s

Best Japanese: Ki

Best Noodles: Eton

Best Condiments: Resto

Best New Restaurant: Buttermilk Channel

Best Charcuterie: Bar Boulud

Best Bakery: Bakeri

Best Doughnuts: Peter Pan

Best Gastropub: Wilfie and Nell

Best Mexican: La Superior

Best Falafel: Taim

Best Ramen: Ippudo

Best Hot Dog: Bark Hot Dog

Best Barbeque: Fette Sau

Best Burrito: Calexico

Best Dim Sum: Seafood Restaurant

Best Neighborhood Pizzeria: Roberta’s Pizza

Meatiest Meat Pie: Dub Pies

Best Tofu: Cho Dang Gol

Best Late Night Eatery: Walter Foods

Best Cheese Plate: Jake Walk

Best Vegetarian: Dirt Candy

Best Splurge: Momofuku Ko

Best Korean: Dokebi

Best Greek: Agnanti

Best Brunch: Cafe Luluc

Best New French (sort of): Joseph Leonard

Best Locally Sourced: Marlowe & Sons

Best Bar Food: Fort Defiance

Best Indian: Aamchi Pao

Best Coffee: Cafe Pedlar

Best German: Prime Meats

Best Small Plates Txikito

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