VIDEO: The 6th Annual Why America is Morally Bankrupt Dumpling Eating Contest!

10/28/2009 8:47 AM |

We have a morbid fascination with eating contests, insofar as they are potent metaphors for late-stage capitalism in America: people encouraged to consume more than they need, to the point of illness, enticed by the chance of “winning” (also, these contests are often won by slim Asians, which fits the metaphor, if you really force it think about it).

So it was we found ourselves unable to resist sending videographer Emily Chen to film the spectacle of the Sixth Annual Dumpling Eating Contest in Flushing. This year’s winner ate 53 dumplings in two minutes. Yay humanity. (And sorry, Emily.)

UPDATE: For the record, the proceeds from this event went to Food Bank New York City. I still hate eating contests, though.

Filmed and edited by Emily Chen.

One Comment

  • It might help to note that all proceeds went to the Food Bank for people in need.
    It might also help to note that the reason that people in the rest of the world are starving is because of political reasons. Warlords and dictators that deny shipments that we “greedy” Americans are the first to ship.
    Finally, it also helps to indicate that modern America did not invent the eating contest. It’s merely a resurgence. Back in the day, pie eating contests were all the rage. But even before that, during medieval times contests existed.
    Please, never call your self a journalist Mr. Diamond.