Army Dog Found After 14 Months

11/12/2009 4:23 PM |

Army dog found

Ok, honestly, I’m not on some kind of “dog reunites with master” newsletter, I swear, it’s just… these stories keep happening.

After getting lost during an ambush in Afghanistan 14 months ago, bomb-sniffing black lab Sabi was found under the care of an Afghan villager. Upon being returned to her Australian unit, Sabi was granted the traditional Aussie hero’s right of being able to lick the face of the sitting Prime Minister, in this case Kevin Rudd, who, going out on a political limb, claimed Sabi a “nice pooch.” As ever, in stories like this, reporters are suspicious:

Exactly where Sabi has been or what happened to her during the past 14 months will probably never be known…

Dot dot dot indeed. As some fucking lunatic shrewd commenters mention: “I hope they checked her for tracking and spy bugs, etc.”

Sabi, traitor to the cause?