Breaking: American Woman Doesn’t Want to Be on Television

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11/20/2009 3:11 PM |


Would you like The L to “weigh in” on Oprah Winfrey’s decision to end her popular daytime television serial in which everybody takes turns talking about themselves?

It is very impressive, we suppose, that a person is secure enough in her employment and plans for the future that she can give 22 months’ notice. I, too, had considered announcing that I would leave The Measure in September of 2011, to move to Copenhagen and pursue my long-term professional goal of living on government assistance while biking around drunk on Aquavit all day, but it’d be pretty presumptuous of me to expect there’d even still be a Measure in September of 2011, and not just an iPhone app that transmits Mike Conklin’s withering dissections of indie-rock dinosaurs directly into your prefrontal cortex in bursts of 12 phonemes or less.

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