Buy Superdive for $350,000

11/17/2009 3:27 PM |


Eater is reporting that Superdive, the frat-tastic East Village bar with keg service and “no rules” (until you start peeing on the piano in the back…trust me, er, my roommate) is up for sale for $350,000. That’s right, for a price equivalent to 1,521.7 kegs of Coors Light, the “fuck off seats”, plastic cups, and kegerators could ALL BE YOURS.

It’s pretty safe to say that the bar isn’t in financial trouble — since opening in June, it’s been nearly impossible to hang there on the weekends without a reservation. There have been rumors floating around that the bar is looking to expand, and yesterday the owners had this to say:

A) SUPERDIVE will live forever.

B) SUPERDIVE will never close.

C) SUPERDIVE is looking for additional locations as well as weighing national expansion

D) SUPERDIVE exists only to have parties like the one for EATER.COM on Dec 17.

E) SUPERDIVE oh how we love SUPERDIVE.


Guess we won’t have to find a new Fraturday keg spot, after all.