Charges Against Naked Model Arrested at Met Dismissed: Nude Not Necessarily Lewd

11/24/2009 3:20 PM |

Zach Hymans Decent Exposures series

Towards the end of the summer we noted that Brooklyn-based photographer Zach Hyman got himself, or rather, one of his models, into some trouble for staging an impromptu nude photo shoot in the Metropolitan Museum’s arms and armor galleries during museum hours for his Decent Exposures series (pictured). The model, Kathleen “K.C.” Neill, was arrested and charged with lewdness for appearing naked in public, the irony of course being that the museum is already full of naked bodies.

Yesterday the Associated Press reported the happy news that a judge dismissed the charge of lewdness against Neill. Her lawyer, Thomas J. Hillgardner, explained that in light of precedents in New York courts, nudity must be accompanied by inappropriate behavior (like, you know, doin’ it) in order to be legally lewd. Doing one or the other—like, say, appearing nude to shoot part of an art project or pretending to hump a reporter behind their back—probably won’t pass for lewd in court, you’ve got to be doing both at once. Hopefully this pro-nudity stance means we’ll see a city-wide increase in public nude art starting today. It’s turning into a pretty sunny afternoon… (Artinfo)