DMX Steps Out, Coolio Takes Over in Celebrity Boxing Match

11/09/2009 2:08 PM |

Coolio in the kitchen

Remember how has-been Yonkers MC and champion dog-breeder (right?) DMX was going to fight an actor by the name of Eric Martinez in a mixed martial arts bout in Alabama next month? Well, over the weekend TMZ posted a couple of crucial updates to that spectacularly tacky saga: DMX, after bragging that he wouldn’t train because that would be unfair to Martinez, demanded that the fight be fixed; and when Thunder Productions, the company behind the fight, refused, DMX dropped out, and will be replaced by everybody’s favorite rapping chef, Coolio.

Regarding Coolio’s preparations for the fight next month in Alabama, the production company told TMZ: “he is going to take this seriously.” As will everyone else, I’m sure.