Dog of the Day: Levi

11/02/2009 12:23 PM |

Dog of the Day

I’ve already written about Levi in my column this week: he is, in fact the inspiration for this Dog of the Day recurring feature. I was contacted by his fosterer, a lovely dog rescuer in Jersey City, who shares his life with a total of eight dogs, both his own and fosters.

Despite being a sweet, loving boy, Levi has been in foster care for over two years. His size is a strike against him (city folk tend to want smaller dogs), as are the numerous (small—we’re not talking scary, or gruesome) scars on his tail, torso, and legs. He was dropped off at a Jersey shelter two and a half years ago, covered in cuts and with a seriously damaged paw. He had been used as a ‘bait’ dog, and had resolutely refused to fight. His Sharpei blood means that he has delicate skin, prone to tearing and cuts, so the fight ring was particularly tough on him.

But don’t get it wrong: Levi is a very, very handsome young man. He is NOT a fighting dog—his entire purpose in life seems to be getting along with people and other animals. When I went to visit him the other day I saw him for myself his noble face, sweet, enthusiastic demeanor, and funny wrinkly Sharpei elbows. He loves meeting new people, and adores all kids, dogs, and cats. While I was there he could barely contain his enthusiasm—a new person! Who’ll pet me! He has plenty of energy, and would love (and deserves) a home that can give him a little extra attention, time, and understanding (after everything he’s been through, it’s not too much to ask).

Levi can’t live with any rough or aggressive dogs, because of his delicate skin (and you’ll have to keep an eye on him at the dog run), but he’d be fine living with any other dogs or cats. And he needs a caregiver who won’t leave him alone all day, every day—his life has been too hard, and he likes company too much. He’d be super for someone who works from home, and he’s so good with people he’d make a great go-along dog for a carpenter or contractor.

He’s in Jersey City right now, where he can be visited: he may be coming to weekend adoption events in Park Slope, so if you’re interested and live in Brooklyn, contact me or his foster, Steve, and we’ll try to make that happen ASAP. If you’re really interested, he can be driven to meet you (within reason… call).

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Special gift from me and my website,, for whomever adopts him. And we’ll cover half his adoption fee, too. Woof!


Name: Levi
Age: 4 1/2
Sex: Male, neutered
Breed: Mastiff/Sharpei mix
Size: 75 pounds
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes