Dog of the Day: Licky Ricky

11/06/2009 2:23 PM |

Dog of the Day: Licky Ricky

They call him Licky Ricky, because he’s just so damn affectionate. This beautiful, white, shepherd-pit mix is a real ham—when I met him he licked my face, my legs, and then climbed into my lap the minute I sat down. He’s young, handsome, and ready for a home, hopefully with a person or people ready to enjoy a dynamic, energetic, four-paws-to-the-floor kinda dog.

Ricky has been inexplicably passed over for the couple of months he’s been in foster care. It’s time to get this guy a home!

He’ll be out this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, at Brooklyn Animal Foster Network‘s adoption event, on 7th avenue and 4th street in Park Slope, in front of John Jay High School: look for the little yellow school bus with the “Adoptable animals on board” sign.

And if Ricky’s not right for you, there’ll be many more great dogs, and cats, ready and waiting for homes. Bring a friend! And/or a donation of pet supplies, money, or old sheets and towels (anyone got a spare laptop? BAFN needs one, badly, to show animals).

They’ll be there from 11 to 5 pm.

(Ricky’s a high-energy guy, a real people person, but no friend to cats, so if you’re after a multi-species household he’s not the one.)

As allows, for more info email