Dogs Greeting Returning Soldiers Will Make You Cry

11/11/2009 4:16 PM |

Ok, enough with the Veterans Day stuff… I know, I know… I agree with Howard Zinn when he says:

Veterans Day, instead of an occasion for denouncing war, has become an occasion for bringing out the flags, the uniforms, the martial music, the patriotic speeches… As a combat veteran myself, of a ‘good war,’ against fascism, I do not want the recognition of my service to be used as a glorification of war. Veterans Day should be an occasion for a national vow: No more war victims on the other side; no more war veterans on our side.

BUT. The Awl pointed our way to this Mental Floss video compilation of dogs greeting their people after war, so we thought we’d try to make you cry; here’s just one, by way of sample:

It’s just like that scene in The Odyssey when the only one who recognizes Odysseus when he returns home from his journeys is his beloved dog, Argos. Right?

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