Girls Cover Cass McCombs, McCombs Playing Bowery Tonight

11/09/2009 3:41 PM |

Girls, the recently crowned princes of psych-folk, played Bowery Ballroom on Friday; Cass McCombs, the should-be crowned prince of singer-songwriting plays Bowery tonight. We should therefore watch a video of Girls covering McCombs’ “Dreams Come True Girl” from a show they played in San Francisco this summer. For starters, the line, “You’re not my dream girl/You’re not my reality girl/You’re my dreams come true girl” is devastatingly sweet and sounds very much something that could flow from the damaged heart-of-gold of Girls’ ringleader Christopher Owens. Secondly, if you squint and tilt your head to the left, you can almost see the indie-rock gods coming down from the heavens and gently kissing his forehead. Thirdly, the drummer is wearing a beret. A beret!

After the jump, the original, which is also worth it…