Help Save WFMU

11/17/2009 11:24 AM |


With so much talk about sagging album sales and struggling record stores and the recession and the likelihood that we’re all going down with the swine flu, it’s easy to forget that there are some pretty awesome listener-supported radio stations out there fighting to keep their heads above water too. Jersey-based WFMU is one of the best—it’s currently the longest running freeform radio station in the country, meaning their content is controlled by individual DJs and not prepackaged by some global media company based in Texas (that’s you, Clear Channel). To combat falling over $100,000 short of their fundraiser goal this March and loosing the lease on their main transmitter site, they’re taking a bit of a drastic measure and holding a 24-hour marathon from 7pm today to 7pm tomorrow with hopes of raising enough money to stay on air through the winter months. They’re selling some swag over on their pledge page; check it out and make a year-end donation, won’t you? Then listen in at 91.1 FM in the NYC/metro Jerz area or online here.

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