Illustrator Puts Beards on Formerly Beardless Characters

11/19/2009 10:23 AM |

Batman with Beard

The Croatian illustrator Vanja Mrgan recently had an epiphany in the place where most of us make the greatest discoveries of our lives. He explains: “So I was sitting on the toilet recently reading a Conan short story when it struck me like a bolt of lightning. Conan should have a beard!” (I’m assuming that by “Conan” he’s referring to the barbarian, not the talk show host, although it’s hard to say since neither has a beard.)

At any rate, this realization led Mrgan to undertake a truly delightful project: He will add beards to every fictional beardless character he can think of until he runs out of ideas. The series, titled Bearded, is up to 9 so far, and includes a bearded Batman (pictured) and Robocop sporting some seriously Santa-like facial hair. I’m not sure if he’s taking requests, but Ronald McDonald would look totally terrifying with a big, shaggy, Grizzly Adams-style beard. (NOTCOT)