Job Growth Update: Guantanamo McDonald’s Now Hiring!

11/12/2009 2:59 PM |

Guantanamo McDonalds

Are you willing to relocate to Cuba? Are you prepared to serve Filet O’ Fishes to torturers? Are you comfortable with men in orange suits not named Ronald?

Yes, it’s true, the McDonald’s at Guantanamo is now looking for a manager—and don’t worry, you won’t need security clearance, just a U.S. passport. The best part is that apparently guards will occasionally use Big Macs to coerce info from prisoners (not sure if they’re used as bribes or threats… ZING!). The second best part? The job is listed at, which, awesome.

And don’t forget, no shirt, no shoes, no sensory deprivation hood, no service.

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