Lil Wayne’s Rock Rebirth Now Probably Definitely Dropping December 15 (Maybe)

11/10/2009 12:02 PM |

Lil Wayne Hot Revolver

According to Billboard, Lil Wayne‘s perpetually pushed back rock album Rebirth will definitely come into the world on December 15. The album will feature guest appearances from Fall Out Boy, Travis Barker, Lenny Kravitz and Drake. As Birdman predicted last month, it will be packaged along with the Young Money posse record, We Are Young Money, which is probably smart since nobody’s going to buy that record if they don’t absolutely have to.

Still no news about the rumored Carter IV release, but it would probably do more harm than good to release three albums on the same day. So long as it comes out before he goes to jail for a year and we’re left to subsist on obscure freestyles, guest appearances and remixes.

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  • lil’wayne… i love tha song hot revolver!! i think it wuld b even more tight if u made an rapp version of it8) i miss u… “free wayne”