Maine: The Way Life Is

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11/04/2009 12:31 PM |


Earlier this year, we brought you joyous news of the Maine state legislature passing a gay marriage bill and thus making me wonder how the place I left ended up more progressive than the place I left for.

Yesterday, the bill was repealed in a referendum (as gay rights measures always were in Maine when I was growing up). Lots of out-of-state money got out the vote from rural conservatives, it would seem. Maine voters did, however, vote to expand the medical marijuana law (libertarianism, except when it’s trumped by bigotry!).

Well, fuck you, you mutant inbred hicks. I hope you all drive your snowmobiles while stoned, and crash and die horribly.

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  • wow, i worried about hurting your feelings by joining the “boycott maine” group on facebook…but now that i know your feelings, i chime in- yeah, fuck you mutant inbred hicks etc.

    maine sucks ass. except for those ll bean boat-n-tote bags, which i am now unable to buy because i am boycotting this benighted state. f-ing bigots.

  • Let me break down why the Maine referendum hurts. In the Bible belt, people may be intolerant, but I know where I stand. Maine likes to pretend it’s tolerant and claims a “live and let live” mentality. Well, that didn’t materialize. At least not when it comes to minorities or civil rights. So yes, I will boycott Maine. How Maine votes is their business, but please, don’t ever claim to be libertarian, because that would be simply disingenuous.

  • ‘Maine claims to be tolerant and progressive, though isn’t’.

    Sounds like Surrey, in England, where I live.
    The people love to pretend they’re libertarian and accepting, though are more bigoted than the folks of the east ever were.