Maura Johnston Leaves Idolator, Takes Paragraph Breaks With Her

11/10/2009 2:12 PM |


In a post that went up just before 6pm yesterday, Maura Johnston announced that she was leaving Idolator, the one-time Gawker Media music blog she’d edited since its launch in 2006. I’ve been a loyal reader of the site since its inception, and while I haven’t always seen eye to eye with Johnston, her contributions to the world of music criticism over the past three years have been substantial.

As for her replacements? Well, their names are Robbie and Becky, and they’re having sort of a tough go of it so far. They’ve posted three times since Maura’s farewell, and they have yet to manage one successful joke or one successful paragraph break. Not surprisingly, the commenters are killing ’em.

At least introduce yourselves, guys. Jeez.

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