Never Before Seen Neutral Milk Hotel Live Footage Released

11/23/2009 9:24 AM |

Not a whole lot of people ever got the chance to see Neutral Milk Hotel. They only existed for about four years total, were seriously active only for about two years, and well-known for not even one full year. And since Jeff Mangum essentially retired from music at the end of 1998, only to have his body of work grow in popularity over the years, there’s been a bit of a Nick Drake situation happening with him, where the very sight of him on-screen is a major event. To coincide with the recent 180 gram vinyl reissues of the band’s two full-lengths, Merge Records recently uncovered two live performances from right here in New York, at the Knitting Factory in 1998. The second one is after the jump. They are to be cherished, obviously.