Notes on Games 3 and 4 of the World Series

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11/02/2009 1:27 PM |

Hungry... for victory! (Also: for chili, Frito Lays brand potato chips, fish, eggs, small children.)

Actually, only Game 4. The World Series should be over by Halloween. Blame Fox, which is convenient since you probably already hated them for any number of other reasons.

-Clearly, Rod Beck faked his own death so he could come back as his backup outfielder alter ego, Matt Stairs.

-You know who pitched really well in Game 4? Joe Blanton. Despite not being Cliff Lee, and pretty much looking like Buzz from Home Alone, he looked good last night. I missed the first inning, but he was enormously unlucky in the fifth: two grounders dribbled to the right place, on either side of a bloop. Runs aside, he had a better line than CC. (And CC’s no-decision aside, of course, he pitched well enough to quell any doubts about the wisdom of sending him back out tonight.)

-So now the Yankees have committed to sending AJ Burnett and Andy Pettitte out on short rest, too. Yankee fans, how do you feel about this? Confident or less confident? What would have been the alternative? A spot starter in Game 5 and Pettitte available out of the pen for the end of the series?

-Why does Utley hit Sabathia so well? He had a reverse platoon split this season, and has hit lefties well throughout his career—if pressed for analysis, I’d suggest that his open stance and crowding of home plate allow him to see, and turn on, pretty much anything inside. (All three of his homers against Sabathia have been pulled to right, as was the double.) He hasn’t really proven he can go the other way against CC yet; in Game 7, if we make it that far, it will be interesting to see what adjustments are made.

-Amateur psychology masquerading as baseball analysis is kinda bullshit, but man, Joba’s a head case, isn’t he?

-Jesus, nice at bat by Jesus Damon there in the ninth, against Brad “Amish Paradise” Lidge. In his postgame interview on the field, A-Rod actually referred to it as “tenacious”, which was hilarious because Alex Rodriguez wants so badly to be a normal person but he just can’t pull it off. Also, the stealing of two bases on the same play. He must have known while taking his lead off first that he would go to third if he got X amount of feet clearance from Feliz.

-There don’t appear to be any interns in the office today, which means I can’t assign one of them to research this, but: I’m guessing that Sabathia (listed at 290 pounds) and Blanton (250) was the heaviest starting pitching matchup in World Series history. The only other possibility I can think of is Game 7 of the 2001 series, when Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens donned colored diapers and shoved each other around a dirt ring for the first six innings.