NYC’s Best Bodega: An L Magazine Contest in Which You Can Win Lots of Free Beer

11/17/2009 12:07 PM |

Goya can

Hey everyone, it’s The L Magazine‘s BEST BODEGA in NYC Contest, a very important contest at a time when the world desperately needs more very important contests.

So look, your corner bodega might not have every variety of artisanal potato chip, and it might not have the latest issue of n+1 on the magazine rack, but damn it you love it anyway. You love its cats, its infinite shelves of Goya products, and you love its dirt-cheap forties. Well, stop taking your bodega for granted and tell us why it’s the best bodega in the city: write a short description (100-400 words), take a photo (optional, and camera phones are fine) and send it to

Goya doesnt like contests

The winner will receive a HAND-DELIVERED SIX PACK OF BEER (of your choice) FROM YOUR CELEBRATED BODEGA EVERY MORNING FOR A WEEK. That’s 42 bottles of beer. Creepily hand-delivered by a member of the L Magazine family.

Entries will be judged by our distinguished editorial team of Bodega connoisseurs/the office cat.

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