Ok, Maybe the “Mutant Inbred Hicks” Thing Last Week Was a Bit Harsh

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11/09/2009 11:11 AM |


  • Enraged at the enforced prejudices of Mainers, the lobsters attack!

As I continue to think about voters in my home state rejecting gay marriage, I wonder whether it isn’t a bit reductive to chalk the vote up to the prejudices of toothless recluses living in abject poverty. (Although the whole “people who’ve met an out gay person are more progressive on gay issues” thing probably skews disproportionately conservative in Northern New England, for geographical reasons.)

After all, some 30 states have rejected gay marriage, including California. This is a national issue. (Ten years ago, in a vote I remember very well, Maine voters upheld another Question 1, overturning a gay rights measure. Progress.) Blogging at the Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks out loud:

The obvious parallel is civil rights. It’s quite clear to me that Jim Crow in the South could not have been struck down by a majority vote…

That’s a pretty fair point: the will of the majority has, historically, lagged behind the needs of the minority. Today, we are all Mutant Inbred Hicks.