Taylor Swift Does Saturday Night Live, Kanye Does Not

11/09/2009 10:27 AM |

This video will probably be taken down in about three minutes, so enjoy it while you can. It starts off dumb, then gets a little better, then gets awesome. Then the rest of the show was mega shitty, except for a skit at the very end, featuring Fred Armisen as Randy Newman and T-Swift as Shakira.

Oh, here’s that one too…

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  • I’m pretty sure you can embed real clips from the NBC site if these get nixed. They don’t throw up every sketch, but usually 80% or more are on there. Also, really liked the sketch where T-Swift played the girl making her own parental-driving PSAs.

  • Yeah, you know, that one wasn’t so bad either. And thanks for the tip.

  • She also nailed the Kristen Stewart impression. Though I guess anyone would with enough lip-biting and obsessive tucking of hair behind the ear.