The New Rihanna Video Disappoints

11/03/2009 3:50 PM |

I have very high hopes for Rihanna’s new record, Rated R (due out on November 23rd, along with every other big pop record of the year), but I’m not feeling great about it at the moment. The first single, “Russian Roulette” is overly dramatic and completely joyless, which, yes, I know, is to be expected. The second single, “Wait Your Turn,” was released along with its official video on Rihanna’s website today, and it’s a step in the right direction—hyper-stylized, reggae-tinged verses, the infectious “the wait is ova” refrain—but in the grainy, black and white video, we see a performer in love with her new image as some dark, mysterious badass robot but without any real proof that she’s got the songs to go with it. [Idolator]