Titus Andronicus Dude Realizes Everything is Fucked

11/02/2009 11:18 AM |


You guys, you will never believe this: During a Halloween party hosted by Vice Magazine at an abandoned warehouse space in Williamsburg on Saturday, things got a little bit out of hand. Surprising, I know, especially considering there were performances by Bad Brains and the Jesus Lizard, two bands known for their exemplary behavior. Also on the bill was New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus, who were to play a set of Weezer covers. The band’s frontman, Patrick Stickles, published an insanely long account of the evening’s events, which included sexual harassment, physical assault, stoned and homophobic former hardcore legends, threats of lawsuits and much, much more.

The best part comes at the end.

We are being choked and beaten and sexually assaulted, and all the while, my peers dance and snort cheap coke and photograph each other for the hundreth time. I scoff at it all now from atop my high horse, but I was there too, because I am poor and when people want give me money to play my guitar, I can’t ever say no.

Kids, we are blowing it. Everything they say about us is true.

Yr friend,

It’s true, you know We’re fucking blowing it.

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  • And how, exactly, are you ‘fucking blowing it’? Just curious.

  • is it weird when people talk about their friends as peers? “Hey , I’m inviting some peers over , wanna come?”

    “not much, just chilling with my peers”

    “Hey peers, this is my new girlfriend. Hey girlfriend, meet my peers. This is Bill, he’s my BEST PEER”