Tonight: Eternal Summers at Cameo Gallery

11/12/2009 5:14 PM |


You know how everyone’s always talking about all the lo-fi stuff going on these days? And you know how you feel like sort of an old idiot because most of it gives you a headache? It’s troubling, I know, but don’t worry: I give you a Virginia-based duo called Eternal Summers, who are playing tonight at Cameo Gallery tonight with Bosco Delrey, Religious Knives and Reading Rainbow. For a local comparison, you’ll want to think Air Waves, meaning they could certainly be called lo-fi, but instead of the blaring guitars and muffled drums that have you (me) reaching for the Advil, you get lots of pleasantly jangly electric guitars and dreamy, classic-pop vocal melodies. So you get to tell all your friends you’re really into the lo-fi movement, but you don’t have to secretly want to kill yourself. And I hate to break it you you, guys, but that’s really all you can ask for: to not secretly want to kill yourself.