Trend Alert: Some People in Some Bands Have Beards

11/11/2009 2:52 PM |


I told you it was a slow day for news, but even I didn’t realize it was quite this slow. Simon Reynolds, who is decidedly not an idiot, has published a piece that asks very important questions like, “Have you noticed that a lot of people in indie rock bands have beards?” and “Have you ever wondered why so many people in indie rock bands have beards?” and, of course, “Haha, isn’t it strange that, of all the people in indie rock bands who have beards, no one in Grizzly Bear has a beard, even though with a name like Grizzly Bear, you would totally think they would have beards?” Soon, people, the year-end lists will start to pour in, and just like that, our days will be full again. [via Daily Swarm]

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