Two’s a Trend: Eminem to Star in 3D Horror Movie

11/09/2009 11:27 AM |


Friday it was Method Man set to star in a 3D urban crime thriller, and over the weekend Screen Daily reported that Eminem’s first lead role in a film since 8 Mile will be in a 3D horror comedy called Shady Talez (using Zs instead of Ss is so hot right now you guyz!). He’ll also be producing the film, which is described as a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and George Romero’s Creepshow.

Nobody’s attached to direct yet, but there’s a tentative 2010 release date, and Kevin Grevioux, creator of the Underworld franchise, is sharing writing duties with writer-producer Dallas Jackson. Obviously this won’t be much of a stretch for Em, whose discography is half horror, half gross-out comedy, and we suspect that he’ll be very good at hurling bodily fluids at 3D cameras. Meanwhile, some rumors are circulating on the Internets that Relapse 2 is dropping next week, which seems highly unlikely. Then again, last week I would have said that Eminem starring in a 3D horror movie was highly unlikely, so…