Vampire Weekend Goes Viral

11/12/2009 3:50 PM |


If you were to take a walk down Bedford Avenue on this rainy Tuesday afternoon, you’d find a mailbox at the corner of N. 7th St adorned with a washed-out photo of a young blonde-haired woman wearing a white polo shirt. Camile Dodero at Sound of the City noticed it earlier today and correctly identified the woman as the model on the cover of Vampire Weeknd‘s forthcoming Contra album. Marketing? Totally not interesting. But viral marketing? Sooo interesting, right?!

Vampire Weekend warned that they’d be experimenting with different types of promotion leading up to its January release, and back in early October, they took to their website for a mysterious countdownthat ended with the release of lead single “Horchata.”

The record’s out on January 12th, and I suggest you find something else to listen to until then—if they’re being this careful about how the record is presented to the public before its release, you can rest assured there’s an army of people out there making sure it doesn’t leak.