Wale’s Major Label Debut Available Today (Except at Most Stores Where People Buy Music)

11/10/2009 2:45 PM |

Wale Attention Deficit

After years of slowly-building hype, D.C. rapper Wale‘s debut album on Interscope Records, Attention Deficit, came out today. But according to the MC’s Twitter, lots of fans can’t get it because big chain stores (Target, Borders and Best Buy in particular) haven’t received copies yet or have already sold the limited number they received. All of which is disappointing since this is basically the first attempt by one of the major rap labels at packaging this new generation of MCs for the mainstream, and they seem to be sabotaging what should be an exciting (and, symbolically, a kind of huge) moment. This also sucks because those are exactly the stores I was planning to hit tonight after work to get a copy of the album. Wale claimed in a follow-up tweet that all the supply issues should be resolved by tomorrow. (HipHopGame)