City Wants To Borrow a Condom Design

12/16/2009 11:21 AM |

nyc condom

Presumably you’re at least aware that the NYC Condoms exist. Or maybe you’re like me, and you grab a fistful every time you see some, not necessarily to use immediately, but just to have around, you know, “in case.” At any rate, the city is looking to revamp the playful, poppy, rainbow-hued condom design next year, and are taking submissions from New Yorkers 17 or older until January 22.

As mentioned in the design competition brief, 41 million NYC Condoms are distributed throughout the city by various organizations every year, which makes this a rather one of a kind opportunity to have your work seen by every New Yorker five times over. Of course, having your design on the city’s condoms would also be a little like doing it with 41 million people every year, which is impressive, but maybe a bit much, don’t you think? Cold shower. (CityRoom)