Cruise NYC’s Happy Hours with The L’s Cocktail Compass

12/01/2009 5:05 PM |

Cocktail Compass

It may have taken us six years to get a great website, but it only took us a few months to develop our first iPhone app: Cocktail Compass (click here to download). Unfortunately all our future high-tech projects are on hold because Cocktail Compass now keeps us happily, cheaply buzzed-to-severely sloshed at all times. The free app displays information about happy hours at bars in the immediate vicinity of wherever you happen to be using it, including times, drink specials, staff picks and other pertinent info like phone numbers, addresses and countdown clocks so that you know just how long you can linger over one drink (or chug several) before heading on to the next happy hour.

Did I mention it’s free? Did I mention that it helps you drink more, for less money, closer to where you are? Cocktail Compass is basically the closest thing we could muster to showing up at your home/office with a six pack (which, btw, is what our next iPhone app will allow us to do).

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