DaVinci’s “The Last Supper” Never Looked So New

12/02/2009 4:12 PM |

Leonardo DaVincis Last Supper restored

For the current augmented history exhibition Leonardo DaVinci’s Workshop at the new Discovery Times Square Exposition in the old Times building, the Milan-based tech company behind the show, Leonardo3 (which, spoiler alert, will turn out to be the evil corporation perpetrating all the gloomy goings on in Dan Brown’s upcoming DaVinci Code sequel), used hundreds of high-resolution photographs to create a new, better version (pictured, and available in greater detail here) of DaVinci’s deteriorating masterpiece “The Last Supper” (which looks like this these days). As a kind of digital restoration of the original, which is in a church in Milan, this seems like a great idea, but isn’t it kind of like colorizing old black and white movies? How long before the sexy cyborg usurps the handmade original? Won’t this new “Last Supper” just wait until DaVinci’s painting falls asleep and take its place, substituting a glossy, flat copy for the weathered original? (Artinfo)