DoT Paints Over South Williamsburg’s DIY Bike Lane

12/11/2009 2:57 PM |

Bike Lanes

Environmental action group Time’s Up is organizing a funeral procession for the unjustly removed 14 blocks of Bedford Avenue bike lane on Sunday, and just to help give the “New Orleans-style” parade a tangible sense of loss, the city’s Department of Transportation has painted over the lane that bike activists repainted earlier this week.

Gothamist reports that the sandblasted and re-applied lane was painted over with black paint at some point last night or early this morning, making this fairly short and uncomplicated stretch of bike lane probably one of the most costly and troublesome in the city. Let’s see how many times this absurdly childish re-painting contest goes back and forth before someone at the DoT figures out that they just need to put the lane back in.

One Comment

  • They left the right line of the bike lane intact? WTF is the point of getting rid of it then? I love this city but the DoT can go straight to hell.