Dumbo’s Vintage Carousel Finally Gets a Home

12/18/2009 2:40 PM |

Janes Carousel

If you’ve ever walked along Water Street down in our little nabe of Dumbo, over near St. Ann’s Warehouse and Jacques Torres’ mini desert empire, you’ve probably seen the beautiful, art gallery-like space that houses a giant, non-functioning carousel from the 1920s (pictured). The story goes that Jane Walentas, wife of real estate baron David Walentas, started restoring the historic carousel back in 1984 (rich people and their eccentric hobbies!), and moved it to Dumbo in anticipation of putting it in one of the nearby parks in a purpose-built, all-weather pavilion designed by superstar architect Jean Nouvel.

Those plans, for various reasons, never quite panned out… Until now! The Brooklyn Paper reports that the beautiful old ride, known affectionately as “Jane’s Carousel,” has just been granted a spot in Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is in the midst of a massive expansion along the Brooklyn Heights waterfront. Of course, it probably helped that the Walentases threw “$3.45 million to landscape and operate it past the park’s closing time” and the Nouvel pavilion into the deal. What’s next, a jungle gym in McCarren Park designed by Frank Gehry? (This would actually be awesome; rich architecture patrons reading this should get on that.)